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Civil Litigation And Personal Injury Services

Personal injury cases often fall under the umbrella of civil litigation. This form of litigation generally seeks to attain justice for a wrong that can’t be considered a criminal charge. For example, slipping in a parking lot or being bitten by your neighbor’s dog would likely become a civil dispute. Unfortunately, civil matters can take a long time to resolve. In some cases, it may be over a year from the date of filing before the case goes to trial.

At our firm, client satisfaction is key. We understand that civil cases can be emotionally draining and directly affect your life. We take all of our cases seriously and treat your concerns with the respect and priority they deserve. From day one until your case is resolved, we will work as your partner to pursue the justice you deserve.

The Skilled Advocacy You’re Looking For

Even though a civil dispute can take months to resolve, it’s imperative that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible after your injury. Washington state laws stipulate strict regulations regarding the statute of limitations for personal injury cases. You must file within three years of the date you were injured in order for the case to be considered.

At Gates' Law PLLC, we can help you with a variety of personal injury filings, including:

  • Torts
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dog bites and other animal injuries
  • Other personal injury incidents

In addition, our attorney has the experience and skills to provide both plaintiff and defense representation.

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While it may take time to resolve your personal injury matter, our legal team can be there to make sure you get the results that compensate for your injury. We’ve helped clients receive settlements that have included six figures and we’re ready to help you today.

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